Wednesday, 20 March 2013

True or False?

True or False questions can be tricky by nature.

Let's see how many you get right out of 20..

True or False?

1. Japanese snooker tables have shorter legs than normal ones?
2. Doughnuts originated in Holland?
3. Hollywood film idol Rudolf Valentino choked to death on a golden dildo?
4. Cleopatra was Egyptian?
5. The Egyptian goalkeeper in the 1934 World Cup Finals was called Mustapha Kamel?
6. The Mexican Hat Dance is the official dance of Mexico?
7. Plastic surgeons in the USA have developed fake testicles for neutered dogs so the appear normal?
8. A Zeedonk is the offspring from a Zebra and a Donkey?
9. King Francis I of Portugal was known as Francis the flatulent?
10. Before forming a band, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch were all policemen?
11. The outlaw Butch Cassidy’s father was born in Blackburn Lancashire?
12. There is only one river in Saudi Arabia?
13. Between 1937 & 1945 in Germany, Heinz did a version of tinned spaghetti shaped like swastikas?
14. Dogs are colour blind?
15. Women blink twice as much as men?
16. The larger a chili pepper is the hotter it is?
17. Film star John Wayne was in the 1936 US Olympic basket ball team?
18. You can get warts from touching toads?
19. Hair yanked out by the roots will not grow back?
20. Blue is the colour is liked most worldwide?


1. True
2. True
3. False
4. False, she was Greek.
5. True
6. True
7. True
8. True
9. False
10. False
11. False, he was born in Preston.
12. False
13. True
14. False, they have trouble seeing the colour red.
15. True
16. False (It's the opposite)
17. False
18. False
19. False (Try it!)
20. True

These free quiz questions were brought to you courtesy of Quiz Pub UK


  1. A lot of these are just wrong: 1. Japanese snooker tables DO NOT have shorter legs than normal ones 2. Earliest doughnut recipe is English 4. Cleopatra's father was Macedonian 6. There is no official dance of Mexico 13. Between 1937 & 1945 in Germany, Heinz DID NOT make a version of tinned spaghetti shaped like swastikas 15. Women DO NOT blink twice as much as men. Do your research.

  2. I want PAVO newly neutered and sadly I won't rest till it's completely done mr. dicky!

    1. will you have it done in time for our next visit with him and buster?


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