Thursday, 28 March 2013


Do you remember the brilliant game show called Catchphrase?

It was hosted by a great Irish presenter called Roy Walker and for it's time the cash prizes were very big.

I'm surprised it hasn't made a come back after all these years, but I can only imagine the work involved in creating all the animated pictures that went with each catchphrase.

If you've never seen the show I'll explain.

They took an everyday phrase like fish and chips then turned it into pictures and the contestants had to be the first on the buzzer to guess what phrase the picture represented.

Roy Walker was always saying "say what you see!"

I've made a few examples for you to have a go at yourselves, see if you can get them all correct.

The Quiz Pub UK website is full of fun things to add to your pub quizzes and these Catchphrases are the newest addition.
If you would like to see the answers to the above catchphrases then click this link: Catchphrase and you will see the pictures on the left hand side of the page. Just hover your mouse pointer over the picture to see the answer. Did you get them right?

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