Tuesday, 2 April 2013

TV Catchphrases

Who from TV said these famous catchphrases?


Danger, Will Robinson.

They don't like it up 'em.

Is it 'cause I is black?

I pity the fool.

Are you 'avin a laugh?

He's dead, Jim

You should have got nearly all of them.
You probably remember the TV series but can you remember the characters name? Don't skip straight to the answers yet have a good think first, it will be more satisfying when you get them.


Here are the answers..

Bazinga! Was Sheldon Cooper's catchphrase from the award winning and hugely successful Big Bang Theory. He used this phrase instead of gotcha! And most of his jokes were very unfunny, which made them funny. Superb.

"Danger, Will Robinson" was the iconic words spoken by the robot (he didn't have an actual name) from Lost In Space.

"They don't like it up 'em", was one of Lance Corporal Jones's catchphrases from Dad's Army. Other famous catchphrases from Jones were, "Don't panic!" and "permission to speak sir."

Is it 'cause I is black? Was one of many catchphrases from Ali G, the ironic thing is he wasn't black but he was a black rapper wannabe. Sacha Baron Cohen is the actor behind Ali G and the TV show was called "Da Ali G Show" which went on to become a film called "Ali G in da house".

"I pity the fool" is the line every celebrity impersonator quotes when doing a take off of Mr T from the A Team. Mr T you may remember had a fear of flying and all kinds of funny ways were thought up to get him on a plane against his will.

"Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he having a laugh?" Is the catchphrase of a character of a character of the British sitcom Extras. The main characters name was Andy Millman who is a full time Extra for films and who's ambition is to be a famous actor. He got a screen play he wrote accepted by the BBC called "When the whistle blows" and he played a factory manager by the name of Ray Stokes who wears a black curly wig and oversized glasses.

And last but not least, "He's dead, Jim."
One of the top 100 well known catchphrases of all time by the legenday Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek.

These catchphrases are taken from Quiz Pack 96 from the Quiz Pub UK website.

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