Saturday, 18 May 2013

Free Quiz Questions Volume 4

I recently celebrated my 100th quiz pack uploaded to Quiz Pub UK
Yesterday I made Quiz Pack 101 and I thought you would like to see
what sort of questions I put in my pub quiz packs so I'm putting round 1
here for you to have a go at. You should get about 70% of them correct.

Pub Quiz Questions

Round 1 - General Knowledge

1.   Which TV character has been played by 11 different actors?
2.   Is the core of the planet Uranus solid or liquid?
3.   There are 5 letters in scrabble that have only one tile, can you name them for ½ a point each?
4.   Are camels born with humps
5.   Which rock band is listed last alphabetically?
6.   To the nearest million, how many adults in the UK have never used the internet?
7.   What are the most watched animals on the internet?
8.   Which blood group can be the universal donor?
9.   Which actress has recently been responsible for the rapid rise in women wanting gene testing?
10. What are being allowed into the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time in 100 years ?
11. What is the singular of the word Algae?
12. True or False, more Polish live in America than in Krakow, Poland?
13. What do fungi release into the air to reproduce?
14. Excluding Pluto, how many planets are smaller than Earth?
15. Put these countries in order of who drinks more tea, England, Ireland & China?
16. What part of an athletes equipment is, on average, ¼ of an inch long?
17. Which pop groups second number 1 was called “The Reflex”?
18. Which continent has the two wettest places on Earth?
19. How many football World Cups have been won by the host nation?
20. What is 190 feet long, 66 feet high and had it's nose shot off by Napoleon's troops?

General Knowledge Answers

1.   Dr Who
2.   Liquid
3.   J, K, Q, X and Z
4.   No
5.   ZZ Top
6.   7 Million
7.   Domestic Cats
8.   O
9.   Angelina Jolie
10. Gnomes
11. Alga
12. True
13. Spores
14. 3
15. Ireland, England & China (The Irish drink twice as much tea as the English)
16. Spikes
17. Duran Duran
18. Asia (India)
19. 6
20. The Sphynx

So how did you do?

As you can see by following some of the links, I research my questions and answers
to make sure they are accurate. I spend a great deal of time coming up with original
and interesting quiz questions for each of my pub quiz packs.

If you're a quiz master or a pub landlord then the ready made and instantly downloadable
pub quizzes I make will save you many hours of hard work. Not only that but my pub quizzes
include a high quality picture round, a theme round, a gameshow round and a brain teaser.

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