Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Trick Questions and Riddles

Trick Questions

I recently went through my vast library of quiz books,
quiz games and quizzes stored on my PC and found
the following puzzles I thought I would put on this blog
of mine to entertain you today. Enjoy!

The Questions

There are 12 - 1p sweets in a dozen, how many 2p sweets are there in a dozen?

Was Frankenstein a singer, a scientist or a monster?

When you have already blown out 210 birthday candles how old are you?

What are lifts for ships called?

What is started with a stop?

When should you give a baby elephants milk?

What word is plural when it's singular?

What turns everything around without moving?

What do you buy, pay for but never get?

Where, in nature, is water flowing upwards,
under no pressure, upwards to hundreds of feet?

The Answers


He was the scientist that created a monster

20 years old


An organ

When it's a baby elephant



Life insurance

In a tree

If you enjoy riddles and puzzles then you can download a pack of them
here: http://www.quizpub.co.uk/brain-teasers-puzzles.htm

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