Monday, 27 May 2013

Fun Pub Quiz

There are two types of Pub Quiz, your regular egg heads type quiz and
the fun pub quiz which you can play in this blog.

The Fun Pub Quiz

Many of of my regular visitors and clients already know what
Quiz Pub UK is all about, Fun Pub Quizzes and fun is all I do!
In this Pub Quiz blog I'm going to show you exactly what makes
my quizzes fun and what to expect if you decide to start downloading
them from the website to use down your local watering hole.

All my quizzes are divided into 4 categories.
  • General Knowledge
  • Picture Round
  • Specialised Subject
  • Game Show Round
Let's start with an example of round 1, the general knowledge quiz.

General Knowledge

1. What colour Monopoly properties are landed on most often?
2. True or False, Ant and Dec always have their picture taken with
Ant on the left so people can tell which is which?
3. Which is the only number which is spelt the same in both French and English?
4. Name the 4 human characters in Scooby Doo, 1/2 point for each.
5. What is the most common eye colour in the world?
6. Do bees fly in the rain?
7. Which one of these isn't a berry, tomato, cherry, orange or cucumber?
8. Which bodily function lasts 0.3 seconds?
9. How many people have beaten “The Cube”?
10. Did Elvis Presley have a fear of travelling on trains?
11. Which is the most common banknote in circulation?
12. Is the core of the planet Uranus solid or liquid?
13. Are camels born with humps?
14. Put these countries in order of who drinks more tea, England, Ireland & China?
15. In a standard saloon car, how many wheels are there?
16. When can 22 equal 10?
17. South Korean pop star PSY's latest song has what title?
18. Which two consecutive months total the most days during the same year?
19. Only 4 Gemstones are classed as precious which are they?
20. Officially which is the least intelligent, an imbecile, a moron or an idiot?

I bet you managed to answer each and every one of those questions didn't you?
Did you notice how interesting and fun the quiz questions were?
I bet you can't wait to see how many you got right, yes?
I will give you the answers a bit later on but first of all let's have a go at round 2
the picture round.

Picture Quiz

Source: Quiz Pub UK
Take your time and study the pictures, some are obvious and a few will have
you scratching your head, or your beard. You should get at least 7 out of 10!
I will give you the answers later on in this blog.

Round 3 is different every week, I spend hours thinking of unique and interesting
ideas for this round. My intention is to baffle the egg heads in the room and
to give everyone else a chance of winning, it works.

Here's one example of a fun quiz round I thought up, let's see how you do.


I will give you two breeds of animal, can you name the animal?

1. Peruvian Paso & Suffolk Punch
2. British Lop & Wessex Saddleback
3. Barbet & Pug
4. Mulard & Barbary
5. Bantam & Broile
6. Short Horn & White Park
7. Ragdoll & Munchkin
8. Labyrinth & Crab
9. Beltex & Dorper
10. Vervet & Mandril

Did you enjoy that one? You should have got most of them correct.
I will give you the answers later in this blog.

I always have a brain teaser in my pub quiz,
so here's an easy one for you to have a go at.

Brain Teaser

Source: Quiz Brain Teasers

And last but not least, the fun quiz round 4 to finish off with, the game show round.
I currently have 3 different game show rounds in my pub quizzes which I alternate
each week so the quizzes are unpredictable and exciting. In this blog I'm going to
finish off with the most popular one which is Family Fortunes.

Family Fortunes

We asked 100 people to..

1. Name the best place to go on a date

2. Name the first thing you do when you get home

3. Name a popular brand of toothpaste

4. Name a popular form of exercise

5. Past or present, name a Disney animated feature film

6. Name a type of fruit that is really good for you

7. Name a common natural disaster

8. Name a popular subject at school

9. Name a pet that lives a long time

10. Name a dangerous occupation

Now this isn't all I do in my pub quiz, I also do a speed round, a quick fire round,
a dingbats picture handout or a Catchphrase picture handout halfway through the
fun quiz too! You can see an example of some of the catchphrases I make in my older
quiz blogs. In the mean time I found this very funny video of one of the original TV
shows with Roy Walker who hosted the show first, enjoy.


As you can plainly see, these fun pub quizzes take many many hours to make.
If you are a quiz master or a pub landlord then will save you a
lot a hard work giving you more time to concentrate on more important things.
Do yourself a favour, try my quizzes out because your customers will love them.

OK, time for the answers, let's see how many you got right.

General Knowledge

1. Orange
2. True!
3. Six
4. Daphne, Shaggy, Velma and Fred
5. Brown
6. No
7. Cherry
8. Blink
9. One, for charity
10. No
11. £20
12. Liquid
13. No
14. Ireland, England and China. (Ireland consumes twice as much tea as England)
15. 6 including the steering wheel and spare wheel. (Did you get it right?)
16. 24 hour clock
17. Gentleman
18. July and August
19. Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
20. An idiot

Picture Quiz

Ten Pin Bowling - Bowling Glove
 Bar Billiards - Mushrooms
Cricket - Bail
Boules - The ball
Football - Football pump
Cycling - Bottle holder
Golf - Pitch repair tool
Lacrosse - Stick
Swimming - Nose clip
Tennis - Racket Stringer


1. Horse
2. Pig
3. Dog
4. Duck
5. Chicken
6. Cattle
7. Cat
8. Spider
9. Sheep
10. Monkey

Brain Teaser:  6, each side adds up to 18, it's that simple!

Family Fortunes, the top answer is always the first answer for 5 points.
Then comes the second best answer for 4 points and so on.

1. Restaurant
Park/Theme Park

2. Take off Shoes
Sit down
Have a cup of Tea or Coffee
Change clothes
Go to the bathroom

3. Colgate

4. Running/Jogging

5. Snow White
101 Dalmatians
Toy Story
Beauty and the Beast

6. Apples

7. Flood

8. P.E.

9. Dog

10. Police Officer
Fire fighter
Stunt Person

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Free Quiz Questions Volume 4

I recently celebrated my 100th quiz pack uploaded to Quiz Pub UK
Yesterday I made Quiz Pack 101 and I thought you would like to see
what sort of questions I put in my pub quiz packs so I'm putting round 1
here for you to have a go at. You should get about 70% of them correct.

Pub Quiz Questions

Round 1 - General Knowledge

1.   Which TV character has been played by 11 different actors?
2.   Is the core of the planet Uranus solid or liquid?
3.   There are 5 letters in scrabble that have only one tile, can you name them for ½ a point each?
4.   Are camels born with humps
5.   Which rock band is listed last alphabetically?
6.   To the nearest million, how many adults in the UK have never used the internet?
7.   What are the most watched animals on the internet?
8.   Which blood group can be the universal donor?
9.   Which actress has recently been responsible for the rapid rise in women wanting gene testing?
10. What are being allowed into the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time in 100 years ?
11. What is the singular of the word Algae?
12. True or False, more Polish live in America than in Krakow, Poland?
13. What do fungi release into the air to reproduce?
14. Excluding Pluto, how many planets are smaller than Earth?
15. Put these countries in order of who drinks more tea, England, Ireland & China?
16. What part of an athletes equipment is, on average, ¼ of an inch long?
17. Which pop groups second number 1 was called “The Reflex”?
18. Which continent has the two wettest places on Earth?
19. How many football World Cups have been won by the host nation?
20. What is 190 feet long, 66 feet high and had it's nose shot off by Napoleon's troops?

General Knowledge Answers

1.   Dr Who
2.   Liquid
3.   J, K, Q, X and Z
4.   No
5.   ZZ Top
6.   7 Million
7.   Domestic Cats
8.   O
9.   Angelina Jolie
10. Gnomes
11. Alga
12. True
13. Spores
14. 3
15. Ireland, England & China (The Irish drink twice as much tea as the English)
16. Spikes
17. Duran Duran
18. Asia (India)
19. 6
20. The Sphynx

So how did you do?

As you can see by following some of the links, I research my questions and answers
to make sure they are accurate. I spend a great deal of time coming up with original
and interesting quiz questions for each of my pub quiz packs.

If you're a quiz master or a pub landlord then the ready made and instantly downloadable
pub quizzes I make will save you many hours of hard work. Not only that but my pub quizzes
include a high quality picture round, a theme round, a gameshow round and a brain teaser.

Why not download one now to see for yourself?
It's only 1 penny! Quiz Pack 1 <==Look!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Trick Questions and Riddles

Trick Questions

I recently went through my vast library of quiz books,
quiz games and quizzes stored on my PC and found
the following puzzles I thought I would put on this blog
of mine to entertain you today. Enjoy!

The Questions

There are 12 - 1p sweets in a dozen, how many 2p sweets are there in a dozen?

Was Frankenstein a singer, a scientist or a monster?

When you have already blown out 210 birthday candles how old are you?

What are lifts for ships called?

What is started with a stop?

When should you give a baby elephants milk?

What word is plural when it's singular?

What turns everything around without moving?

What do you buy, pay for but never get?

Where, in nature, is water flowing upwards,
under no pressure, upwards to hundreds of feet?

The Answers


He was the scientist that created a monster

20 years old


An organ

When it's a baby elephant



Life insurance

In a tree

If you enjoy riddles and puzzles then you can download a pack of them