Friday, 12 May 2017

New Pub Quiz Website

Quiz Pub UK

It took 4 months working 7 days a week to redesign the website and it was well worth the effort, I am so proud of the new look and I hope you like it too. If you haven't seen the website yet then this link will take you to one of the many free Quiz Questions and Answers pages, a new tab will open so you don't lose your place here.

The reason I  redesigned the website was to make it mobile friendly as the old website wasn't responsive to different screen sizes and widths, a responsive website will adjust the size of the pictures, text and even change the layout to fit perfectly on any screen.

While I was working on each of the 90 pages I took the opportunity to examine the products for that page and make sure any questions were accurate and not outdated, improve any pictures that I wasn't happy with, improved the instructions in the quiz packs and lots of other upgrades. It's nice to know that everything my customers download is perfect and that they'll be very happy with their purchases.

Accurate Quiz Questions

So far I've made 143 ready made pub quizzes and for the last 3 weeks I've been going through each of them and checking for grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and also checking each question and answer is accurate and relevant. I've taken the trouble to add side notes to some of the questions so the quiz master can quote them making it look like they've researched the question themselves, instead of me doing it for them, here's an example: 
 In which decade was the first 'Guinness Book of Records' published and for another point in which decade was the first 'Record Breakers' TV show? 50's (1955) & 70's (15th December 1974 on BBC1)

I came across a few quiz questions that didn't have definitive answers, one such question I remember not being able to find an accurate answer to was, "Who was the first actor to be paid $1 million for 1 picture?", I found so many conflicting answers that I thought it best to remove that question altogether and choose a better one.

 At the time of writing this I'm up to checking Pub Quiz 60 so I'm 40% of the way through, but I'm not going to rush it, so I'm looking at another months work and in the mean time I'm also making a new pub quiz every week for the website to keep my existing customers happy.

 New Quiz Products

A nice new shiny website needs new content and great new products so I've been busy with that too.

 I've made multiple choice quiz packs in 3 difficulty levels, each pack took weeks to make but fortunately I made those before I started work on improving website. All I had to do was make the advertising graphics for them, here's one I made earlier.
Easy Multiple Choice Questions and Answers
 I was getting a few requests for audio music quizzes last year, what we call in the trade 'Bits & Pieces' and I was reluctant to make these as I thought it might infringe on someones copyright, however, after doing some research I found that because they are being used in a quiz and I'm only using a few seconds of each one then I'm happy that they fall into the fair use niche for educational and review purposes.

Because the quiz teams normally have to guess the title of the song in a bits and pieces music quiz the chorus or the best part of each song is never used, a lot of the time it's just a few riffs from a guitar, or a distinctive drum beat. Apart from using these in a quiz they have absolutely no value anywhere else so I'm happy I'm not ripping anyone off and I'm even using CD's that I purchased myself so the artist has already been paid.
Audio Music Quizzes
We get a lot of customers that want these extra bonus rounds to liven up their quiz nights such as Dingbats, Rebus Puzzles and Catchphrase picture quizzes that we already have on offer. A while back I made a quite a few speed quizzes, these involve handing out a sheet of paper and telling the quiz teams that they have 3 minutes to write down as many James Bond movies that they can think of for example, the team who gets the most wins some bonus points. After reviewing all the speed quizzes I found a few of them were dated and decided to remake all of them excluding any I didn't think were much fun to play and replacing them with much better ones.
Speed Quiz
I've hosted these speed rounds in my own quiz nights and they've gone down very well, I get lots of people come up to me at the end of the quiz praising it which gives me confidence knowing that my website customers are going to be happy with them too.

The Pub Quiz Website Content

Not everyone wants to do a fun quiz, there are a lot of people who simply want questions, maybe they're doing a quick quiz for charity or they only need 10 or 20 quiz questions for a party. Because I want to cater to everyone and keep my visitors entertained I've put a huge amount of effort into making pages and pages of free quiz questions and answers and adding fun facts and short articles accompanied by videos and so on. Each page is in effect an article, a very interesting article too and very valuable if you are looking for information, as a matter of fact these pages of free quiz questions get the most visitors, roughly 1 million visits a year! It took me a day to make each page, please take a look at this example page: Pub Quiz Questions

So, that's what I've been up to and why you haven't seen me write any blogs for a long time, before that I was making my quiz app and that took over 2 years to do and also prevented me from writing on this blog. Anyhow I'm back now so you can look forward to lots of free quiz stuff and interesting articles for you to get quiz material from, if you've never visited this blog before then scroll down or select older blogs in the archive at the top of the page on the right. I hope you find something interesting that you can use, if you do please leave comments so I know my articles are being appreciated, thanks.