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Size Matters

While making the latest pub quiz I thought that the specialised round in the one I was making would make a great topic for our pub quiz websites blogger page.

Biggest Things in the World

When you think about the subject title above you probably think of skyscrapers, waterfalls, aeroplanes and cars. I don't like to be so obvious when making quizzes and spend a lot of time being creative, that's what keeps our customers coming back for more. It's much better to make your own quiz questions because it's more entertaining for the quiz teams. So in this article I'm going to give you some of my ideas for making a good quiz round which I call..

Size Matters

To start this subject off we will take a look at Counties in the UK and States in the USA.
I started with a list of counties in the UK and Wikipedia kindly provided me with all the
statistics I could ever wish for. When we say biggest county we are normally talking about population, although area can also be used to get more quiz questions.

Top Ten Counties in the UK by population

1.     Greater London         8,196,700
2.     West Midlands          2,739,800
3.     Greater Manchester   2,685,400
4.     West Yorkshire          2,227,400
5.     Kent                         1,466,500
6.     Essex                        1,396,600
7.     Merseyside               1,380,800
8.     South Yorkshire         1,343,900
9.     Hampshire                1,322,300
10.   Lancashire                1,171,600

There are a number of quiz questions we can glean from this list.

Which is the biggest county in the UK?
What are the three biggest counties in the UK?
What is the population of Greater London, to the nearest million?
Put these counties in order of size from biggest to smallest, Essex, Kent and the West Midlands.
Which has the biggest population, South Yorkshire or West Yorkshire?
True or False, Greater London has more people living in it than the West Midlands, Manchester and West Yorkshire combined?
6 different types of questions all about the same subject, and they are interesting questions that anyone can have a guess at answering!
I could go on and on but you can see the way my mind works in creating questions from a list of statistics.

 Top Ten States in the USA by population

1      California           38,332,521
2      Texas                 26,448,193
3      New York          19,651,127
4      Florida               19,552,860
5      Illinois                12,882,135
6      Pennsylvania       12,773,801
7      Ohio                   11,570,808
8      Georgia                9,992,167
9      Michigan              9,895,622
10    North Carolina     9,848,060

Everyone knows that California has the biggest population in the USA, it's a common quiz question. When I come across questions like that I dig deeper to create my own. Let's take a look at the list of U.S. states by population and see what questions we can come up with.

Which is the second most populated state in the USA?
Which has the biggest population, New York or Texas?
To the nearest million, what is the population of the state of New York?
Put these U.S. states in order of size from most populated to least, Florida, New York and Texas.
Does California have twice as many or three times as many people living in it than Florida?
True or False, Michigan has more people living in it than Illinois?

 I hope this article has inspired you to create your own free quiz questions for your quizzes instead of just looking for free ones to use. Some of you simply don't have the time and if that's you then that's what I'm here for, visit our website and download ready made fun quiz packs for your pub quiz here:

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