Thursday, 26 June 2014

Free Quiz Questions

Free quiz questions and Answers

It's been a little while since I posted some of my free quiz questions and I'm going to treat you to some here that you will not see anywhere else, how do I know you won't find them anywhere else? Because I made these quiz questions myself, that's why.

The Questions

1.   What have Winston Churchill and Popeye got in common?
2.   The midpoint of the year occurs in which month?
3.   True or False, Dolly, the first cloned sheep, was named after Dolly Parton?
4.   What was the first full-length movie made entirely on computer?
5.   In which bat and ball game is it illegal to play a volley?
6.   What do Americans call what the English call “Tights”?
7.   Which two of these are naturally non magnetic, Lead, Iron, Copper & Nickel?
8.   True or False, you are more likely to get flooded than burgled in the UK?
9.   Which 2013 space walk film starred Sandra Bullock & George Clooney?
10. In the Fawlty Towers Gourmet Nights episode what was given “a damned good thrashing”?
11. What are the 6 people's first names in the Phonetic Alphabet?
12. Which is the biggest country, by area, in the European Union?
13. Which 5 letter word is still pronounced the same with the last 4 letters removed?
14. True or False, Horatio Nelson suffered with sea-sickness his whole life?
15. What was the name of the fictional village in the UK TV show Noel’s House Party?
16. Which is the only natural food that does not go bad?
17. How many of the 4 U.S. states that begin with "New" can you name?
18. On a Monopoly board, what colour is Pall Mall?
19. Which is the only planet not named after a God?
20. Who is protected by the Swiss Guard?

The Answers

1.   Tattoo of an anchor
2.   July 2nd Midday (non leap year)
3.   True
4.   Toy Story
5.   Table Tennis
6.   Pantyhose
7.   Lead & Copper
8.   True
9.   Gravity
10.Basil’s car
11. Charlie, Juliet, Mike, Oscar, Romeo & Victor
12. France
13. Queue
14. True
15. Crinkly Bottom
16. Honey
17. New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico & New York
18. Pink
19. Earth
20. The Pope

Please post kind comments if you enjoyed these questions and answers and if you'd like me to post some more. I hope you enjoyed them.