Saturday, 22 February 2014

Brain Teaser 3, puzzles are fun!

Brain Teasers For Fun

Hello fellow quizzer, I hope you're having a nice time reading my interesting blogs here on Blogger today.
In this article I'm going to give you 2 brain teasers taken from 2 of my pub quizzes.
I will reveal the answers when some of you post a reply and have a guess, until then enjoy!

Brain Teaser 1

Two Mafia bosses were sat at a bar drinking scotch on the rocks one fine summer evening in New York.
Unknown to them one of their enemies had instructed the bar man to poison all their drinks.
One of the Mafia bosses drank a lot faster than the other one, infact he drank 5 glasses of Scotch by the time the other one had only drunk 1 glass of Scotch!
The boss that had only drunk one glass died on the spot, but the other boss that drank 5 glasses felt no ill effects at all even though all his drinks had been poisoned in exactly the same way, how can this be?

Brain Teaser 2

You might want to get some match sticks or tooth picks and set them out as in the picture below, it might make it easier for you to solve, see how long it takes you.

All my pub quiz packs that I make for pubs include puzzles and brain teasers just like the two examples above, it gives the quiz teams something to keep them entertained before the quiz starts.
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  1. it was the ice that contained the poison

    1. Well done, now can you work out the match stick equation?

  2. 2-9=3
    2 becomes 3 (move bottom left to bottom right)
    9 becomes 0 (move middle to bottom left)

    1. Steven you are absolutely right, well done and thanks for posting.

  3. Couldn't you also remove two matches from the top and bottom of 3 to make -1 and turn 2 into 8 with those two matches? That gives you 8 - 9 = -1

    1. Hi Latesha
      I never saw that one, very clever.
      Thanks for posting that solution, brilliant.


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